Who are we and what is our idea?

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Who are we and what is our idea?

Post  Admin on Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:58 am

Hi! We are the sisters of the Sisterhood of the Five Pentacles. We want to help people to learn more about any kind of Magic. We want to help to the beginners in this ``art``. We can help you if you have a problem, connected with this kind of stuff.
We are not some kind of sect and we don`t want to wash your brain. We want to help you or just talk with you about stuff like that, because your experience and opinion makes the world to looks how it looks. If you think that you can`t say your problem here, you can send a mail to this address: erica_b@abv.bg .

All the lessons and memberships are free. You don`t have to pay if you need help! WE DON`T WANT NO MONEY!


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